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The Male G Spot: Jackpot of Pleasure

the-male-g-spotWith men’s sexual health becoming a more talked about issue than ever before, we should take the time to discuss the male G spot. This is a subject that makes a few people squeamish and a few others a bit nervous but many men and their partners are quite curious about the subject.

The Male G Spot: Where is it?

The man’s G spot is located inside the anus about 2 inches in towards the front. It will feel like a raised bump about the size of a chestnut. It is most easily located with a well lubed finger and can bring immense pleasure either by massaging it alone or along with other stimuli such as oral sex, masturbation or intercourse. Although many men are becoming more aware of this, the subject is still quite a closet issue due to the incorrect connotations with a man being homosexual for liking or participating in this type of activity. Being homosexual is strictly associated with attraction and not with a man enjoying or trying anal play.

 Get yourself in a relaxed mood and begin slowly

For men who are curious about this type of stimulation, the best method of exploration is alone. Get yourself in a relaxed mood and begin slowly. For best results, keep your legs slightly elevated from the body and knees bent. Using a liberal amount of lubrication, first explore the outer areas and get yourself used to touching the anus rubbing slowly until you feel ready to go further. Then push slowly into the anus until you reach the desired area. You can do this alone or while masturbating, the choice is yours. Do only what feels ok for you and if you find the results undesirable then stop.

For curious ladies …

For ladies who may want to introduce this to your partner, do so with ease and don’t push the subject if at first he seems amiss to the idea. All sex no matter what is always mutual and nobody should ever feel pressured to do anything otherwise to their liking.


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