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Cybersex Addiction: Are you addicted to CyberSex?

cybersex addictionIn the last 10 years or so, with the advent of more powerful Webcams, faster Internet connections and more potent programs, cybersex has been growing at an astounding rate. Now, to be sure, cybersex isn’t actually sex at all as the two (or more) people involved in the encounter don’t actually touch each other, they just touch themselves. There’s no exchange of fluid, no skin on skin and, if a person has an orgasm, it’s 100% self-induced.

No, cybersex is more a way for shy, introverted people to go online, meet other shy, introverted people and pleasure themselves at the same time. It’s basically an activity that, as far as sexual diseases, nasty breakups and broken hearts are concerned, is  extremely low risk.

That being said, just like with anything else in this life, moderation is the key. While a person who is shy, lonely and looking for a little bit of cyber love is certainly will not going to hurt someone or hurt himself, a person who spends their every waking hour online, finding people to help them get off, may have a bigger problem than just loneliness.

For some people the problem is that, rather than live in the real world, they prefer live in a make-believe world where they can have any sex partner they want at any time. While this can be helpful in small doses, as with pornography, drugs or alcohol, cybersex addiction is something to definitely be avoided.


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