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Cybersex Addiction: Are you addicted to CyberSex?

cybersex addictionIn the last 10 years or so, with the advent of more powerful Webcams, faster Internet connections and more potent programs, cybersex has been growing at an astounding rate. Now, to be sure, cybersex isn’t actually sex at all as the two (or more) people involved in the encounter don’t actually touch each other, they just touch themselves. There’s no exchange of fluid, no skin on skin and, if a person has an orgasm, it’s 100% self-induced. (more…)

What the Bible Says About Sex (You May be Surprised) !!

What the Bible Says About SexDo you know what the Bible has to say about Christian sex and intimacy in marriage? You may be surprised and encouraged when you choose to take a look.

Consider these wonderful truths, which you can claim on behalf of your own marriage and relationship.

  • God does not condemn sexual intimacy as dirty or wrong – He celebrates it as something wonderful. It is His marriage gift to man and wife.
  • Great sex and sensitive, satisfying love-making in marriage is encouraged throughout Scripture. Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed, and you and your spouse can enjoy this kind of beautiful marital freedom too!
  • The Bible does not cheapen sex to a mere physical act, but recognises that it involves the whole being, and reveals the spiritual delights awaiting married couples as well as the joyful and pleasurable physical experience of love making.
  • The Bible reveals how our bodies belong to each other, as Christian husband and wife, to be honoured, cherished, protected and enjoyed as we explore what brings pleasure and fulfilment to our lifelong partner.
  • We discover that it is trust and fidelity that provides a solid foundation for fantastic sexual experience together as we feel secure to open ourselves without fear, condemnation or shame. (more…)

What Makes a Woman Fantasize About Other Men?

Men and women differ, when it comes to fantasizing about sex with partners other than their husbands and wives. Overall, fewer women than men report such fantasies, and, more interestingly, women’s fantasy seems to be more susceptible to contextual factors.

In 2001, researchers at the University of Vermont conducted research into the prevalence of what they called “extradyadic sexual fantasies,” or, in other words, fantasies about somebody other than your primary partner. (OPTIONAL ASIDE- NOT FOR CREDIT- A common criticism of much sexuality research is that it is conducted on college students, and how much does their sexuality really reflect that of the rest of us? One thing I love about this study is that it actually included not just college students, but university employees as well, up to the age of 70. ) (more…)

Testicles: 9 Interesting Facts About your Man’s Favorite Balls

testicles factsMost women (and actually quite a few men) have little knowledge about how testicles work or why they do what they do. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of 9 interesting facts along with a bit of advice about them. Enjoy.

  1. Never slap or bite your man’s testicles as they are extremely sensitive. Better to gently blow on them instead.
  2. If you want to give him an incredible orgasm stimulate what is referred to as the ‘taint’.
  3. Testicles hang away from the body because they need a slightly lower temperature to produce sperm. (more…)

The Male G Spot: Jackpot of Pleasure

the-male-g-spotWith men’s sexual health becoming a more talked about issue than ever before, we should take the time to discuss the male G spot. This is a subject that makes a few people squeamish and a few others a bit nervous but many men and their partners are quite curious about the subject.

The Male G Spot: Where is it?

The man’s G spot is located inside the anus about 2 inches in towards the front. It will feel like a raised bump about the size of a chestnut. It is most easily located with a well lubed finger and can bring immense pleasure either by massaging it alone or along with other stimuli such as (more…)

Is it Bad to Fantasize About Another Woman When I Have Sex With my Wife?

dreierWhen a man and a woman are first together as a couple the sex is usually fantastic.  Their emotions, and their attraction for each other, are very high.  For some couples those emotions and that attraction stick with them for a long time, through dating and into their marriage.  Some people carry those emotions the entire time they’re married.

But not many. (more…)

What Women Like and Don’t Like About Anal Sex

anal-sexAlthough people have been enjoying anal sex for eons the fact is that today it’s still got a bit of a ‘taboo’ attached to it that is sometimes hard to get past.  Sure you can see porn queens ‘enjoying’ anal sex and it seems to be all the rage but, alone at home in your bedroom with your special girl, anal is something altogether different.

Believe you and me, anal sex can be very enjoyable.  The anus is extremely tight and, for the man, can give an incredible sensation during penetration and coitus. This of course is one of the main reasons that men like anal sex (or at least want to try it). (more…)

Understanding The Clitoris

The vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

If we told you that there was a way to make a woman putty in your hands, would you listen? Guess what, guys: We’ve figured out exactly what it takes to satisfy a woman — in the bedroom at least. You might think that a few kisses and the presentation of your proud erect member might be enough to make her quiver, but you might be missing the most important factor in your, and your woman’s, sexual satisfaction.female

Women have so many erogenous zones that it can get a little overwhelming for a guy trying to figure out the magic combination to her satisfaction. You’ve already gotten a play-by-play overview of the most popular – her G-spot – so now it’s time to fully consider the never-fail, go-to spot for her orgasm. It’s time to focus on the most important square inch on her body: herclitoris. Understanding the clitoris is the key to a woman eager to come back for more. Get comfortable and pay attention, here’s everything you need to know when it comes to understanding the clitoris. (more…)

Best Sex Positions for Women

Women Take Time

It is not as easy for a woman to achieve release during sexual activity as it is for a man. Not only do they need extra warming up, but they need extra attention during sex as well. There are certain positions that provide more pleasure for a woman and stimulate the clitoris properly. One of the most popular and effective positions is woman on top, which some women love and some women don’t like to do. It involves her being in control which can be a huge turn on for both partners. It also stimulates all the right spots to give her the maximum amount of pleasure. best sex positions for women

Best Sex Positions for Women that Work

Of course this position is not the most exotic or exciting position, but it gets the job done. The position doesn’t really require one to be very flexible. When the woman is on top she has a lot of control. She can control the depth and speed that her partner can go and she can give herself a better chance of achieving an orgasm. Men also enjoy looking up at their women and seeing the look of pleasure on their faces in the throes of passion. (more…)